Recording and sound reinforcement of acoustic sources is our specialty.

Softsound engineer Marg Herder grew up listening to classical music and performing sacred choral works. Her love of acoustic music extends through choral performance to classical orchestration and even into traditional folk music.

Recording Clients

Indianapolis Mens Chorus - Making The Season Bright
Indianapolis Men's Chorus
"Making the Season Bright"

Indianapolis Womens Chorus - "To Sing Is To Fly"
The Indianapolis
Women's Chorus
"To Sing Is To Fly"

Softsound has engineered live release recordings for The Indianapolis Men's Chorus, The Indianapolis Women's Chorus, The Grand Rapids Women's Chorus, and bluegrass musician Kara Barnard. In addition we have engineered release CDs and/or other archival live recordings for Bishop Chatard High School, Columbus East (Indiana) High School, the Unitarian and Universalist Church of Indianapolis, Fox Hill Elementary School, and the Evangelical and Ecumenical Women's Caucus.

Grand Rapids Womens Chorus - Where I Live
Grand Rapids
Women's Chorus
"Where I Live"

Kara Barnard - Fret Hopping In Brown County
Kara Barnard
"Fret Hopping in
Brown County"

3rd margaret "alone..."
3rd margaret

Indianapolis Womens Chorus - Cradle of Fire
Indianapolis Women's Chorus
"Cradle of Fire"

Additional Recording Services

Softsound has administered the CD production for many of the recordings listed above. This work includes everything from preparing the production timetable to handling all aspects of graphic design and CD replication. Even if we don't do the engineering or recording of your project, we can help you get the best value in producing your finished product.

The Art of Acoustic Recording

Capturing a live acoustic (classical, vocal, jazz or traditional) performance is an art. Though under the right circumstances it is possible to record directly to a stereo master (we did just that for the Indianapolis Men's Chorus performance of "A Christmas Story - Through Children's Eyes" featured on their Making Spirits Bright holiday CD), we prefer to make a multi-track recording and mix later in our studio.

Stages of the Recording Process

Making a good recording involves several different stages of work.

The first stage is planning the recording itself. Good communication between our company and your group during the planning stage is imperative. We will determine your intentional use of the recording. We will work with you to determine the best placement for microphones and sound sources (both acoustical and asthetic considerations are important) so no portion of the performance is lost. We will set up a schedule to get the project completed in accordance with your plans. We will contact the technical director of the venue to work out details, and we will often tour the venue before the show. And we will request copies of the music you will be performing.

The second stage is attending and/or recording your rehearsal. We don't always get a rehearsal in the venue, but we always hope for one! If we do get a rehearsal in the venue, we use it as a technical testing ground, making sure that we have designed the system correctly and have a full understanding of the flow and special considerations of your performance. After rehearsal we take time to scrutinze the recording for preventable flaws. We may make performance suggestions after this listening, or adjust equipment.

The third stage is the recording itself. The way we see it, our job is to capture your performance in a way that will not only be an accurate reflection, but also allow room for some subtle tweeking of a variety of elements to actually improve upon it.

The fourth stage is the rough mix. During the rough mix stage, we load your project into our audio workstations and begin to zero in on the proper mixing of each selection to approximate the sound of the performance. We note trouble spots, both technical and performance, and begin to explore how to minimize these. We then create digital stereo files of the performance and send those to you.

The fifth stage is the final mix. Working from the rough mix provided to you, a revised mix is created. Our goal is to reach a point where everyone is satisfied that the product sounds as good as possible.

The sixth and final stage is the actual production of the product you require. You may require mastered audio files for combining with video footage for DVD release, you may wish to release the material on commercially duplicated audio CDs, you may wish to obtain a limited number of CDs for release to a small select group of people. Whatever your requirements we can either do the work or coordinate the process for you. We have working relationships with mastering engineers, graphic designers, and affordable CD duplication houses. We also can provide quality graphics and produce small numbers of "burned" CDs in house, if that's all your project requires.


Achieving the highest quality recording of your recital or your group's performance is a priority to us, and we offer an unmatched level of service, expertise and quality.

Most larger venue live recording work starts at a minimum of $2,000.00 (per performance date or weekend). Live recording of an individual's instrumental or vocal recital starts at $500.00.

Please contact us to discuss your specific project.

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