Recording and sound reinforcement of acoustic sources is our specialty.

Live audio engineering of acoustic sources is about more than just turning knobs and setting up equipment. It is about the sound, about the beauty, about the communication between the artist and the audience.

With acoustic music, the ear of the listener plays a much more important role than in modern amplified music. The engineer must be careful not to overwhelm the listener with volume, as the true beauty in acoustic music can be traced to the subtle interplay between voices, timbres and the listening space itself.

This requires a different type of sound reinforcement than that which is normally practiced by most contemporary audio engineers. We at Softsound understand the most important link in the audio chain is not ultra expensive microphones and other equipment (though we have our fair share of those), but the human ear.

In most smaller venues we prefer to carry in and work with our own system. In larger venues with good equipment, we can and will work with the installed system.

This type of work is quoted on a per job basis. Please contact us to discuss your specific project.

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