Information About Softsound

Softsound started in the early eighties as the recording label for the all female, all original rock band Software.

In the early 1990s, one of Software's founding members, Marg Herder (keyboards, guitars, vocals and songwriting), adopted the name for her audio engineering and consulting business.

Since that time Softsound has provided services to a variety of businesses and organizations throughout the Midwest including:

Softsound has also worked with many individuals throughout the years, recording and engineering release CDs, recording recitals and other performances, transferring and restoring cassette and reel to reel recordings to more modern digital formats, and arranging and transcribing original compositions.

For information on all the services offered by Softsound, please visit the services page.

Softsound's sister company, CircleWebWorks, provides website design, hosting and maintenance to a variety of musicians, artists and businesses. Click here to visit CircleWebWorks.

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