Audio and Systems Consulting

When you find yourself wishing you knew someone who could answer your technology questions in plain English, you can call us. Softsound can help you understand these sometimes complicated issues, enabling you to make informed and fiscally responsible decisions.

Some examples of consulting work we have done...

The Liberty Fund wanted to start offering PodCast interviews with leading economists on it's website as an extension of its Library of Economics and Liberty. With no prior audio recording or encoding experience, it was hard for them to know where to begin. Softsound was called in to work with The Liberty Fund Information Services Director. We worked to design the equipment setup and to train employees in the basics of audio engineering, allowing The Liberty Fund to produce their own PodCasts in house.

Softsound handles the PA system design and maintenance for The Church Within in Indianapolis. If your church is working within a small budget, we can help you get the best equipment for your money.

Several of our clients have come to us needing help setting up computer and network systems for their businesses. Softsound has provided the know-how necessary to get their systems and networks up and running.

Women In The Arts (the not for profit organization that puts on the National Women's Music Festival each year) decided to produce a live CD commemorating the NWMF's Silver Anniversary. Softsound provided technical expertise regarding the CD duplication process. We presented the producer with a written guide, went over alternative packaging options, gathered quotes from manufacturers and answered questions.

Folk artist Jamie Anderson needed image files that could be emailed to producers of her shows and members of the press. Softsound was able to provide her with a disk of various image files in different formats and resolutions. This disk was accompanied by a lengthy plain English explanation of what formats and resolutions to use for specific purposes.

Tech Support

Softsound clients can receive inexpensive "tech support" on a variety of computer and music technology topics via email or over the phone. So if you're wondering why that one page won't open in your browser, how to upgrade your computer's sound card, how to encode MP3s, what recording platform is right for you, you can ask us and we'll do our best to help out.

You won't find more affordable tech support anywhere. Fifty bucks an hour is our usual rate.